What is an RCAT?

An RCAT is the designation of a Registered Canadian Art Therapist and they use RCAT as a post nominal designation. RCATs can supervise art therapy students and professionals. They have a designated registration number and abide by the CATA Standards of Practice. Registration with an professional association is increasingly being requested for employment in health practice. Registration indicates you are a Professional Member in good standing, have received additional training in your profession, received clinical supervision (50 hours for 1000 client contact hours) beyond graduation, display involvement in the art therapy community and are experienced in working with a variety of clients in diverse settings. Please see Registration Requirements for application details.

Becoming a Registered Canadian Art Therapist

Applications are reviewed three times a year: Sep 30, Jan 31, and Apr 30.

All applications and documentation will now be scanned and sent in one email to the registration@canadianarttherapy.org.  All verification forms from supporting professionals will now be completed and signed (but not sealed) so that the applicant can scan into the same email.  If you have any questions, please contact the CATA Registration Chair at registration@canadianarttherapy.org.

Registration FAQ

Registration Application

Lapsed Registered Members

If you have previously been granted RCAT status with CATA, but have lapsed your membership for more than two years, you must complete a Re-Registration Application


Become a CATA Member