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Showcasing the visions, insights, and innovative work of art therapists in Canada and beyond.

Envisage is published online 3 times a year, coordinated by a team of dedicated CATA volunteers, with rich and engaging contributions from the Canadian and international art therapy community. It is not only a vibrant platform for art therapists to be recognized for their work and learn from each others’ diverse practices, it is also a valuable tool to promote the innovative work of art therapists in other professional fields and communities.

We welcome contributions on (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Articles on art therapy programs or projects
  • Reflections on art therapy theories, approaches, practice experience, therapists’ own art-making process
  • Book reviews
  • Artwork
  • CATA committee updates and news

Please see the following guidelines for submissions.

For articles / written work:

  • Maximum 1500 words
  • Submissions in French are welcome!
  • Please send files in Word format (please avoid sending PDFs)
  • If there are accompanying images, please ensure that they are clearly captioned and labelled. They can be sent separately in JPEG format or embedded in the Word file.

For artwork:

  • Please send images in JPEG format
  • Please include a short statement with the artwork.
  • Please ensure that the files are clearly labelled with the titles of the artwork
  • If there are accompanying captions for the image files, please clearly indicate the corresponding artwork and send the captions in Word format

For all submissions:

  • Please send a photo of the author/artist, along with your credentials (as you’d like to be recognized in the publication), and the city/town/province/country you’re based.
  • All submissions are received through email to

Submission deadlines are generally January 15, May 15, and September 15 for February, June and October publication.

Please feel free to email us your submissions anytime, or if you have an idea for contribution but have some questions, please don’t hesitate to email us, we would be happy to collaborate.

Join our team!

We’re looking for people with a keen eye for details and grammar in reviewing articles, proofreading and quality assurance, as well as people with expertise in French-English translation! Please contact us if you’re interested in helping out:

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