A collection of 29 Articles from the 36th Canadian Art Therapy Association Conference, Halifax, NS, 2015 
“This eBook – “Resilience, Recovery & Art Therapy – A Collection of Articles” is a product of the love and effort of many committed individuals (art therapists and a music therapist) in Canada and around the world. Collectively we have dedicated many hours to practice, write, research, and gather together, to share the various ways of working therapeutically with art.”
“It is our hope that this book will journey throughout the world, illuminating the multiple and diverse ways art therapists and expressive therapists are creating healing opportunities with clients and students that promote resilience and recovery.”

– Dr. Fyre Jean Graveline, Dr. Pattie Ann Pryma and Tzafi Weinberg




E-Book Includes:

– 29 different chapters and 250 pages of art therapy research and literature

– high quality images of artwork

E-book Chapters:

1. Resilience, Recovery & Art Therapy: Pondering the conference title by Debra Linesch

2. A Phenomenological Study of the Lived-Experiences of Art Therapists Integrating Self-Portraiture by Laurie Ponsford-Hill

3. Healing for Grieving Hearts Resilience and Recovery Through Biography Work by

Jacqueline Steudler

4. Clothesline Community Project: Engaging a Community Through Art One Year Post Natural Disaster, High River Alberta by Nicole Levesque

5. An Exploration in Colored Clay: The Use of Colored Modelling Clay on Canvas as a Therapeutic Modality by Sarah Greenall

6. Soul Printing: Opening to Spiritual Resilience by Fyre Jean Graveline

7. Exploring Resiliency through Mother Earth: A Natural Artist by Fyre Jean Graveline

8. EARTh and HeART: Resilience and Reflection in the Creative Process by Monica Carpendale

9. Natural Resilience: Animal-Assisted Art Therapy by Straja L King and Dr. Madeline Rugh

10. Creating a Safe and Enjoyable Place: Connecting with My Resilient Self by Lucia Simoncicova

11. Separateness Representations in Mothers of Preschoolers in a Sculpting Task: Active Strives in Growth and Resiliency by Michal Bat-Or

12. Hypnosis and Art Therapy by Tzafi Weinberg

13. Music, the Brain, Therapy and Health by Dr Wendy Stewart

14. Lifelines: Reflecting On Past Resilience to Strengthen Resilience Moving Forward by Veronica Hyatt

15. Healing Lines: Art Therapy, Trauma and People with Intellectual Disabilities by Amanda Gee and Donna Lee

16. Telling a Different Story about ‘Eating Disorders’: Reflections on Historical and Social Contexts and Women’s Narratives about Well- Being and Recovery by Patricia Hoi Ling Ki

17. Complementary Therapy Use Among those Living with Cancer: An Art-based Approach by  Aleitha Ward & Dr. Ruth Grant Kalischuk

18. Art Therapy at the Odette Cancer Centre; As Part of the Patient & Family Support Team by  Sharona Bookbinder

19. MCP: Art Therapy Images of Resiliency by Vancouver Campus

20. Phenomenological Art as a Brain Map by Anna Dos Santos

21. Addressing Cultural Complexities In Art Therapy by Judith Siano

22. Art Therapy And Developing Resilience In A Multi – Cultural Society by Judith Siano

23. Resiliency in Japan: Shifting the Lens from Multicultural Competency to Fluency by Christine Lummis

24. Resiliency in Japanese Art Therapy Students: Observations from Training by Michelle Winkel

25. Response Art using Collage, Drawing and Narrative with Graduate Social Work Students by Tuula Heinonen

26. BRAGS: Strengths, Skills, Sensitivity and Story in Art Therapy Supervision by Monica Carpendale  

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