Upcoming conference

***New deadline for submissions to CATA-BCATA conference 2017. The conference selection team has extended the deadline to June 5th. Please make your submissions to catapastpresident@gmail.com. Please briefly point out how your presentation relates to this year’s conference theme.***

Canadian Art Therapy Association
2017 Conference
in collaboration with
BC Art Therapy Association 

Call for Proposals

Creative Agency and Political Responses
through Arts Therapy
October 13-15, 2017
Vancouver, BC
The Croatian Cultural Centre

Deadline for submissions: June 5th, 2017
Announcement of Selections: June 16th, 2017

Preliminary Reflection

Our aesthetic responsibility, as art therapists and social justice change agents, is to find a creative response to what moves, touches and disturbs us in the world.

We seek to shape a response that resonates with our experience and harbours the potential of creative transformation of both the world and ourselves.

  • We invite proposals on topics related to the conference theme, including:
  • Anti-oppressive practice and disenfranchised populations
  • Arts-based social and/or political action
  • Role of the arts in reconciliation among settler and Indigenous peoples
  • Role of the arts in cultural awareness, cultural competence, and cultural safety
  • Interface between art therapy and other disciplines or sensory modalities
  • Role of the arts in ecological resilience and climate action
  • Mind/body perspectives on resilience, arts, and health

Proposal Options

Selection process: The Conference Program Committee will review and select proposals for conference presentations to create a program with a variety of topics and presenters. Some art supplies will be provided, as requested by the author at the time of the proposal submission. Please mention if A/V equipment and/or wifi access is required.

PAPERS (50 minutes)

Oral presentation (of didactic material) usually conducted by 1 or 2 authors. 

PANELS (80 minutes)

Groups of 3 to 6 panelists (including the moderator) speaking on different aspects of the same subject.  Similar to the “Paper” format, panels are not intended to include experiential activities.

WORKSHOPS (80 minutes or 3 hour sessions)

Experiential structure that will include all participants in a hands-on process to provide the knowledge and understanding of the material covered. 

Art Therapy Supervision,  Master class, special topics or approaches. (1, or 1 ½ hr)

PERFORMANCE ART (50 minutes)

Presentation of professional issues or clinical application in art therapy through performance art modalities including drama, music, poetry, text, movement, visual art, or combinations.  Online submissions as well as supportive material such as audio or video, are to be submitted by the deadline.

VIDEO (50 minutes)

Finished video on topics related to professional issues and/or clinical practice.  Presenters will include discussion within the allotted time.  Online submissions, as well as one copy of the video, are to be submitted by the deadline.


Authors will present their work displayed on poster boards for continued viewing. 

Joint Presentations welcome

We invite presenters in all of the above categories to consider co-presentations, including co-presentations with artists/scholars/practitioners of cross-/multi-/inter-/trans-disciplinary fields with an interest in art therapy. 

Send all submissions to: